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Andrea Thompson Video Clips

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A Gun, a Car, a Blonde

Andrea Thompson, left,
and Jim Metzler star in
"A Gun, a Car, a Blonde."

"A Gun, a Car, a Blonde" is a film noir fantasy, shot in both color and black and white, about the fantasy life of Richard Spraggins (Jim Metzler of "One False Move"), a handsome recluse who is confined to a wheelchair.

Spraggins retreats into his imaginary film noir world via self-hypnosis. As a way of escaping his suffering, he imagines himself to be Rick Stone, a low-rent private eye hired by a mysterious blonde who wants to find out who is trying to kill her.

The people in Spraggins' life also populate the movie in his mind. His neighbor (Andrea Thompson) becomes the femme fatale-in-distress; his male companion/nurse, Bobby (Victor Love), is the mysterious restaurateur/racketeer named the Black Chinaman; and his sister and her boyfriend (Kay Lenz, Billy Bob Thornton of "Sling Blade") are the villains.

With the help of his lifelong friend Duncan (John Ritter), Richard is eventually able to merge his two worlds and achieve the freedom he seeks.

Photo courtesy of SIFF

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