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Andrea Thompson Photo Index

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Babylon 5

Character: PSI Corps Telepath, Talia Winters

Talia Winters

Talia in C&C

Talia portrait

Talia Winters and PSI Cop Alfred Bester

Talia Winters and Jeffrey Sinclair

Talia Winters and Michael Garibaldi

Talia in "Spider In The Web"

Talia Winters and Captain John Sheridan

Talia Winters, Babylon 5 trading card


Character: Detective Jill Kirkendall

Jill Kirkendall

Jill with her sons

Jill having a dinner date


Character: Commander Allison Krennick

Cmdr. Krennick having coffee in her office

Cmdr. Krennick in Hong Kong

Miscellaneous Films and TV series

Andrea Thompson, 1998

Andrea Thompson at home

Andrea Thompson, NBC gala

At the Drama TV show panel

TV Film: A Car, A Gun, A Blond

From the film Arliss